Raccoon Territory

Raccoons and bears share a common ancestry. Both of them love to live close to the water & are true omnivores. Raccoons love to eat a wide array of food that includes seeds, nuts, eggs, fruits, frogs, insects, & crayfish. But their eating behavior is mostly dependent on the area they are in & the availability of food around them. One can expect them to eat anything available � literally anything. 

When it comes to the sense of sight, touch & hearing abilities, they possess the most acute senses. These solitary creatures are highly independent & are nocturnal. They have a habit of resting at the day & hunting at night. This is the primary reason you are never going to see them even if you live near them because they are much active at night.

The significance of marking the raccoon's territory

Raccoons are known for their strong scents, which they use for communication purposes more than often. When it comes to the male raccoon territory, it can cover the minimum one square mile & maximum three-square miles. They are known to leave their calling cards behind, which lets others know that they've been around. In the same way, they identify the scent markers when other raccoons mark their territory. Females usually have a smaller territory as compared to men.

Raccoons have their own territory

Raccoons have a habit of traveling in search of food all around & they choose to mark their den or territory to suitable locations. When we talk about the rural areas, the raccoons can wander up to the 10 miles in search of water, food, or mate. Once they have settled everything, they mark their territory & it signals others that they are supposed to stay away from it.

For the male territory, it can range up to 12 acres maximum. On the other hand, when it comes to the female territory, it is much smaller as compared to the male territory because females keep themselves busy in taking care of their offspring so they can't afford to go too far away from their territory. It is usually 7.4 acres.

Several types of research have proved that the raccoons that live in the urban areas limit their movements to small ranges, and the reason behind is the simplest. In cities, they can have shelter, food & mates available in small geographical areas. So, they do not feel the need to travel far away because they are getting what they need the most. The most amazing thing about these intelligent creatures is that they usually avoid crossing the roads just to keep away from the traffic.

How do raccoons usually mark their territory?

The paired anal glands of the raccoons secrete a specific substance, and they use it for marking their territory. They have a pre-developed habit of rubbing them behind on something they want to claim & mark their territory this way too. They can also use feces and urine (both have an overpowering smell) to mark their territory. 

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